Ora’s Holiday Gift Guide

Whether you have a new mom, active friend, jet-setting parents, or a chef of an uncle on your shopping list - we've got you covered.

They say that experiences
make the best gifts

Luckily, taking a supplement from Ora counts as an experience your loved ones will remember. You’ll be surprised by how many of our products seem tailor made for the people on your gift list — check out our favorites below.

Daily Protein Powder

For the Smoothie-Making Master

For some folks, smoothie making is an advanced culinary art. And if you know one of those people, they’ll be delighted with some delicious raw materials to soup up their smoothies with a non-chalky, plant-based protein.

Collagen Booster

For the One Who’s Up on the Latest Beauty Trends

They will LOVE this. Most collagen supplements are from animals, which means the body has to break down the animal collagen and then rebuild to create human collagen. Aloe Gorgeous skips the middle-man. This plant-based collagen booster starts with the building blocks of strong, healthy collagen, to give you beautifully glowing, plump, hydrated skin.

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Performance Pre-workout

For the One Already Training for Next Year’s Marathon

Help your loved one feel great during (and after) their long runs. Our all-natural pre-workout powder includes organic pomegranate for endurance, organic green coffee bean for energy and improved performance, plus powerful adaptogens for focus, satiety, and muscle strength. No jitters, no buzz, and no crash.

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Organic Greens Powder

For the Picky Eater Who Knows They Need Better Nutrition

We get it. It can be hard to find delicious and easy ways to consume green vegetables — even though we know how good they are for us. Easy Being Green is a delicious organic greens powder with over 20 greens from the land and sea. It has a delightful orange flavor and is easy to take mixed with water or blended into a smoothie.

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Daily Protein Powder

For the Busy Mom Who Needs One-handed Nourishment

She’s juggling enough. Make high-quality nutrition easy with an organic, plant-based protein powder. It has 17+ superfoods for additional vitamins and minerals, plus broad-spectrum digestive enzymes to prevent bloat. Did we mention that it mixes up easily into morning (or middle of the night) smoothies and tastes delicious? Thank goodness some things in life are simple.

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High Potency Vitamin D3 & K2

For the Tech Whiz Who Doesn’t Get a Lot of Sun

While they might not think Vitamin D deficiency is an issue (even though an estimated 42% of American adults are deficient), they will care that healthy levels of Vitamin D will help them be less fatigued and have a better mood for their late-night hacking sessions.

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Digestive Enzymes

For the Adventurous Eater

You never know how your body will digest a new food. Our broad-spectrum digestive enzymes will help adventurous eaters efficiently digest their food, no matter their diet, helping them feel energized and bloat-free after any meal.

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Probiotic Powder Sticks

For the Intrepid Traveler

Our probiotic and prebiotic pixie stick powders were designed with immune health and travel in mind. They include bacterial strains shown to support a healthy immune system, plus they’re convenient to take on the go — there’s no water necessary!

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Sleep & Stress Support

For the Night Owl Who Stays Up Late Even Though They Have Work In the Morning

Let’s face it — we’ve all been there. Help make sure that the Zzz's they get are deep and restful with our all-natural sleep aid. It includes powerful plants shown to support a calm mind, plus organic tart cherry and magnesium to support melatonin and deep sleep.

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