Ora Organic's Vegan Candy Guide: Vegan-Friendly Candy Without the Scaries


Ora Organic's Vegan Candy Guide: Vegan-Friendly Candy Without the Scaries

vegan candy 101vegan candy 101

Want to know which vegan friendly candies to hand out this Halloween?

Have you hung your ghost over the front door and spruced up your scarecrow yet?

Halloween is around the corner and our anticipation is through the roof. But the most important part of the night often gets overlooked - the candy!

Many don't think twice about their Halloween candy and grab whatever is on sale. But, as a consumer, your dollar sends powerful messages to companies, especially to the ones still using animals.

After the initial shock of learning that animal products are still used in our favorite candies, we decided to look further into it.


All Tricks, No Treat :(

What we found in some treats is no trick. Some of today’s most popular candy is made with:

  • Boiled animal parts (used as gelatin)
  • Crushed insects (to create a red pigment called carmine)
  • Insect excretions (which become the shellac that gives some candies a glossy look)

The good news is: there’s a whole list of candy makers who stay far away from that now.


Avoid the Scaries

This Halloween, spend your dollar on vegan candy. We’re big fans of companies who have taken an extra step to show kindness and promote sustainability. All of the candy on our list is expectedly sugary, but with a lot of eco-consciousness behind them.

You’ll recognize some of the names on this list, but we hope we introduce you to new ones, too. Read on, pick your favorites, then fill your bowl for Halloween night. We bet the kiddos in your neighborhood won’t mind one bit.


The Best Vegan Candy for Halloween

1. Wholesome Candy

Organic, vegan companies are near and dear to our heart. Wholesome Candy has made it their mission to provide candy options to kiddos with all kinds of allergies and dietary restrictions.

Wholesome Candy Halloween Gummies


2. Sour Patch Kids

A movie-goer’s favorite, these popular candy kids are vegan and cruelty-free.

vegan candy 101

3. Dum Dums

These classic lollipops used to shush kids in class make the vegan list.

vegan candy 101

4. Twizzlers

A fun and animal-friendly twist on licorice that comes in a variety of flavors and shapes.

vegan candy 101


5. Cocomels Caramels

These decadent candies are for when your kid is more adult than child (or you’re just an adult that has no intention of giving the candy away).

vegan candy 101

6. Smarties

The universal indicator that you did a good job in class.

vegan canday 101

7. Airheads

Because who doesn't love chomping on some vegan taffy.

vegan candy 101


8. Swedish Fish

We stand by the saying “fish are friends, not food”, but make an exception for these delicious Halloween treats.

vegan candy 101

9. No Whey! Foods

For all of our chocoholics. Did we mention they have a vegan version of M&M’s?


Vegan Halloween No Whey Chocolate Candy


10. Now & Later

Pop one of these in and your kiddo will be too preoccupied to eat any other candy in the basket.

vegan candy 101



For those who like to make their own Halloween treats, may we recommend our current fall-favorite?

Protein Packed Pumpkin Bites (you have our permission to keep these all to yourself).


Happy Halloween!