Pre Workout In Two Glass Jars

How Long Does Pre Workout Last?

Pre-workout supplements are becoming increasingly popular among athletes and those looking to improve their performance in the gym. Pre-workouts can provide an array of benefits, such as supporting energy levels, focus, endurance, and blood flow. 

But how long do these effects last?

In general, the effects of pre-workout typically last anywhere from two to five hours depending on the type and amount of ingredients used. Everyone’s body reacts differently though, so it’s important to find a natural pre-workout that works best for you.

It’s important to remember that not all pre-workouts are created equal.

Users should read labels carefully before purchasing any products containing stimulant ingredients so they know exactly what they’re getting into their body before consuming them. Also keep in mind that if you take too much of any particular ingredient then this could lead to undesirable side effects such as jitters or headaches so be sure to always start with smaller doses until you find out how much works best for you individually. 

Here are 3 things to look out for to help you find the right pre-workout for you.

1. Amount and source of caffeine

It’s important to choose a pre-workout with appropriate levels of caffeine – too much could cause jitters or other negative side effects; not enough may not provide any benefit at all. Ora’s Renewable Energy Pre-workout Powder delivers a balanced amount of 90 mg of caffeine from natural plant sources like organic green coffee bean. Some pre-workout powders can contain anywhere from 200-400mg of synthetic caffeine, which can leave some people feeling unpleasant effects long after taking it and also leave them with a massive crash. 

2. Watch out for other stimulants

Some pre-workout supplements include ingredients like beta-alanine, which many people report negative reactions to. Alternatively, there are many powerful, natural plant ingredients out there that can help support a great workout without the negative effects associated with ingredients like beta-alanine.

3. Adaptogens can help!

Organic adaptogenic herbs like ashwagandha, maca, rhodiola, and panax ginseng can work to help your body maintain balanced energy levels and avoid the jitters and crash associated with most pre-workouts. 

Everything you need for your workout without the after effects

The goal of a pre-workout should be to deliver benefits like supporting energy levels, mental focus, and improved physical performance during your exercise sessions - but not have lingering, negative impacts once you're done.

The right pre-workout formula like Ora's Renewable Energy should deliver these benefits for your workout and not leave you feeling strung out hours afterward.