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Customer Spotlight

Big fan of this stuff

I was looking for a product that had the benefits of collagen without animal products and after lots of research this is what a landed on. I've been using it for about 2 years and see great results in my nail growth, hair and skin.

Anna K. Verified buyer

Can't get enough :)

I Love your products! Clean, organic and good for my body! Who said healthy didn’t taste good?? A hint of sweetness and a delicious vanilla flavor. This is one of my favorites ❤️

Elizabeth C. Verified buyer

Take it every single day

I do not want a vegan collagen builder unless it has bamboo extract in it - that is why I take Aloe Gorgeous every single day! It has all the building blocks you need to support your collagen. And it tastes so good!

Katey Y. Verified buyer

Favorite way to spruce up my coffee

My favorite supplement! I add it to my coffee in the morning, it’s the best “sweetener” ever except it’s barely any sugar and has ton of health benefits. I’ve been using it for about two years now and honestly can tell a difference in my nails, hair and skin.

Laurelann A. Verified buyer

Subscribing Forever

I’m obsessed. I always put it in my morning coffee. It makes it creamier and it tastes better too. I’m definitely going to be a long-term subscriber. I’ve already seen a major improvement in my hair and skin in just a month!

Melissa S. Verified buyer

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