What is Omega-3?

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What is Omega-3?


What is Omega-3? Hint: it's not just fish oil. Omega-3 comes in three different forms, and they're not born equal.

It's fish oil right?

Well, no, not exactly.

Omega-3s are fatty acids that come in three forms - ALA, EPA and DHA. All three are essential to your body and brain, but the most important Omega-3 is also the hardest to source. ALA is commonly found in the food you eat.

EPA can be found in dietary supplements from land-based sources, like flaxseed oil.

DHA, however, currently can only be found in marine-based sources.

DHA, according to the National Institutes of Health (NIH), is especially high in the brain and the eyes, and is present in breast milk. It's essential to our development.

That's why there are so many fish oil products out there! Unfortunately, there is a major problem with sourcing DHA Omega-3 oils solely from fish.


The Problem

Fish oil relies on fishing up massive numbers of farmed and wild-caught cod, salmon, krill, and more.

This can severely disrupt marine ecosystems, resulting in devastating losses to the marine life that depend on these fish for their food, like dolphins, whales and penguins.

The craziest thing about this is that DHA Omega-3 doesn't have to come from fish. In fact it never should have.

The secret is that fish don't produce omega-3 themselves - they get it from eating microalgae. Algae produces DHA omega-3 in a symbiotic relationship with the water it grows in.

Fish take on this DHA when they eat it. And microalgae doesn't need to be taken from our earth's delicate marine ecosystems. It can be farmed in pure water, in stainless steel tanks away from the ocean.

So that's what we at Ora Organic decided to do. We created a truly sustainable DHA Omega-3 oil from microalgae. No fish, no harm to mother nature.

And because it's microalgae, we've been able to deodorize it and get rid of the fishy smell. That means your omega-3 now tastes like oranges, instead of fish guts. It also comes in a spray, which is easier to use than huge capsules, and prevents the oil from oxidizing.


We're Ora Organic.

We promise to only use the best, most sustainable plant-based ingredients so that you, and our planet, don't pay the cost later.

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