Why Is Inflammation so Bad?

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Why Is Inflammation so Bad?

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Plot twist: Inflammation is not always a bad thing. It's your body defending itself.

Inflammation is actually your body's healthy response to injury or infection.

However, with all the crazy things we eat, the places we travel, and chemical additives to our crops, inflammation starts to occur when it's not wanted.

This means your body may sometimes "inflame" itself to defend against "threats" to your health, rather than actual injuries or infections.

Your immune system basically starts trying to fight the rest of your body. Not good.

How Can You Help Inflammation?  

The best thing is to do is to eat right. Eat organic, whole foods that are free from toxins when you can.


You probably hate hearing it by now, but get out there and do something. Anything! Go for a walk, a light run, a swim. Get the blood flowing.


We're all guilty here. Go to bed earlier. Make sure you get 7-8 hours every night, if possible.


When all else fails, or in addition, look back to our ancestors to see what worked for them. Turmeric has been used in India and Ayurvedic medicine for centuries to assist with all variety of sickness and ailments.

Studies have shown that it may be one of the most effective foods for reducing and fighting inflammation, due to it containing large amounts of curcumin.

That's why we created a simple, straightforward, anti-inflammation supplement with just two ingredients - Organic Turmeric and Black Pepper (for absorption).

Fight inflammation and build immunity with Turmeric this winter, and stay golden.