This all started when four
friends asked “what if”

What if omega-3 could come from the algae that fish eat, instead of the fish themselves?

What if quality protein could come from plants, not whey or meat?

What if probiotics could be enhanced by prebiotic plants?

What if all your nutritional needs could be met by the Earth’s most powerful plants?

We set standards that set us apart

  • Create the cleanest supplements in the industry

  • Use clinically-studied ingredients that deliver results

  • Deliver the best customer experience in the world

  • Do it as sustainably
    as possible


Meet the Founders: Seb, Ron, Erica & Will

We’re four people with wildly different backgrounds who saw how plants could transform human health without compromising environmental sustainability. 

We believed in the potential of supplements, but were frustrated by the lack of powerful and clean plant-based formulas. So we created Ora.

Ora delivers real health results by sourcing powerful plant-based ingredients, having higher testing and quality standards than anyone else, and making sure folks get help from a friendly Customer Wellness team when they need it.

Simply put, we create pure, plant-based products that we ourselves would take.

Take a look, we think you’ll love them too.

Since 2014, we’ve helped 200,000 people live more sustainable, plant-forward lives

The Ora Community's Impact

1% of every Ora purchase is donated to a nonprofit of your choice.
Check out the impact the Ora community is making below.