3 Surprising Health Benefits of Vitamin D


3 Surprising Health Benefits of Vitamin D

health benefits vitamin dhealth benefits vitamin d

Do you know the low-down on Vitamin D? If not, you may be surprised by these three surprising health benefits!

Living la vida cubicle and having most of your “fun in the sun” by staring longingly out your office window?

Purposely avoiding all things sun because you think Nicole Kidman-level pale skin is chic and/or you’re terrified of wrinkles? Romping around in the sun on occasion, but still kind of wondering if you’re getting enough vitamin D?

You’re certainly not alone, and you may be onto something: Over 40 percent of Americans are deficient in vitamin D.


And that’s simply not a camp you want to be in — for the low down, read this previous article on what vitamin D is and what it does for the body. And if that’s not enough ammo, allow these three surprising health benefits of vitamin D to inspire you to get enough of the good stuff.

1. Vitamin D May Support Weight-loss

Trying to stack the weight loss cards in your favor? You want vitamin D in your corner.

Getting adequate amounts of vitamin D has been linked to the ability to lose more weight. In a study by the University of Cambridge, subjects who took a daily calcium and vitamin D supplement lost more weight than those who took a placebo pill. The research suggested that the extra calcium and vitamin D worked as appetite suppressants.

In a Journal of Women’s Health study, women with insufficient vitamin D levels were more susceptible to weight gain than those with adequate amounts.

2. Supports a Balanced Mood

The sun — and the resultant vitamin D — have legitimate feel-good superpowers. So much so that adequate levels of vitamin D can potentially help with symptoms of depression and regulating mood.

In a Journal of Internal Medicine study, research showed that people with depression who received vitamin D supplements experienced an improvement in their symptoms.

3. Supports Heart and Immune Function

Throw a cape on this vitamin because vitamin D is a superhero for your heart and immune system!

This 2006 study suggests that vitamin D is a potent immunomodulator and may decrease the risk of multiple sclerosis. While some research also links adequate levels of vitamin D to a reduced risk of cardiovascular disease.

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