Why Take Vegan Vitamin D?

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Why Take Vegan Vitamin D?

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Most Vitamin D supplements are derived from lanolin, the grease that coats a sheep's wool. So the better question really is: why NOT vegan Vitamin D?

(Not so) Fun fact: most Vitamin D supplements are derived from lanolin.

Equally as fun of a fact: lanolin is the grease secreted by the sebaceous glands of wool-bearing animals. YUM. Have fun eating that sheep's hair supplement. D-lish.


Why, then, should you take vegan Vitamin D? Well, wool might be alright for cold winter nights huddled next to your favorite fireplace but it's not exactly appetizing to ingest.

To the plants! (ish)

So, in typical Ora fashion, we put our heads together to bring you something better. The un-photoshopped rendition. Turns out that sheep's wool isn't the only way to get that D in your life (besides sunshine, of course). Nope! In fact, lichen is a pretty great source of Vitamin D3.

What is lichen? Lichen is a symbiotic organism. Not exactly a plant, it's a combination of algae, fungi, and cyanobacteria. (Nature is so neat.)

why vegan vitamin d

Instead of extracting Vitamin D from blankets, we get ours from moss. (Before you judge moss too harshly I'd just like to remind everyone that the delicious flavors of pumpkin pie, chai tea, and monkey bread are thanks, in large part, to the bark of a tree. Yep, I'm talking about cinnamon.)

Moss for the win.

Why did we make Vegan Vitamin D?

We simply couldn't accept that Lamb Chop's wool was the only way for us to supplement our sunshine intake. So we decided to do better because we deserve it and so do you. No sheep, blankets, or fish were harmed in the making of our Vitamin D. 100% lichen extracted, 100% of the time.


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